Regional Tournaments

There are tournaments at all levels in the region.

Age Group Competitions

These are competitions restricted to a number of particular age groups, for example under-10, under-12 and under-14 They are generally advertised under "Latest Events" on the web site. There are two types:

  1. The North-West Junior Series.This is a series of tournaments for under-11 and under-14 fencers at all 6 weapons. There are five tournaments in the series and the results of each are aggregated together to give a series ranking. As any club in the North-West region can run one of these events there is no set location for each tournament.
  2. Qualifying competitions. These are meant for all age group fencers in the region who wish to qualify for age group national championships. The one competition in this category is the British Youth Championship qualifiers generally run in February.

Leon Paul Junior Series

The LPJS competitions are a national series of age group tournaments, several of which are run in the North-West. While one can attend just the local competitions they are mainly meant for those who are prepared to do some travelling outside of the region. More details can be found on the LPJS website

Cadet Competitions

These are competitions that are specifically meant for Under-17 fencers. Details for these competitions are normally advertised on the British Fencing website and on the competition website. The Manchester Cadet tournament is the only one in the region and is a major event. It is the only 6-weapon event for Cadets in the UK The men's and girl's foil is part of the European Cadet Circuit and isprimarily meant for the higher ranked foilists in the country.

Regional Tournaments

These are tournaments only open to fencers within the region. The only competition in this category are the Regional Championships which may be run at any location within the region. Details of these will be advertised on this website.

Open Tournaments

These are open to all fencers in the UK whether cadet, senior or veteran. The only restriction is a minimum age of 13. Competitions in this category include:

  • The Ashton Open
  • The Manchester Open
  • The Merseyside Open

Information on these may be advertised here, but more can be found at the web sites above and on the British Fencing web site.


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