Information for Parents

The North-West Junior Series competitions are for those who are just starting to compete. They are meant as a "no fear" introduction to the sport for those who feel they are not ready to compete in national level competitions or have no interest in doing so.

What am I Committing to?

If your child wishes to take part in the series then you:

  1. Will need to ensure that they have all the requisite equipment

  2. Will need to register them as a member of the one of the Home nations of British Fencing, this will most likely be English Fencing

  3. Will need to register them for each competition since this will require you to sign a disclaimer as their parent or guardian

  4. Will have to pay for the entry to each competition

  5. Will need to get them to the venue at or preferably before the check-in time

  6. May need to provide food and drink for them at tournaments where there is no catering

  7. But most of all, you will need to give them your support at the competitions in which they fence

Can I do Anything to Help?

Volunteers are a mainstay of fencing competitions. If your child's club is staging a tournament then the person organising it will almost certainly be grateful for your help. This may involve laying out pistes before the competition and taking them up afterwards. If there is no cafeteria at the venue then providing home cooking or selling it may be necessary.

If you want to take it further than this then organisers are always looking for people who can referee or repair equipment.

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