Information for Organisers

  1. All clubs in the North-West Region are encouraged to run a NWJS event. Not only can this provide income for your club it will develop your fencers and officials.

  2. Prospective organisers should contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to register an interest in running a tournament

  3. Prospective organisers should be able to fulfil the following requirements:

    • Space for a minimum of eight pistes

    • Sufficient scoring boxes for each piste with some spares. While some clubs may be able to provide these from their own stock it is likely that at least some of these may need to be borrowed from other clubs

    • Someone either capable of running or willing to learn to run a DT using a standard scoring program, e.g. En Garde or Fencing Time

    • Sufficient volunteers to act as "gophers" for the DT

    • Clip boards and stop watches, one for each piste

    The junior series organiser may be able to assist in fulfilling these requirements

  4. The competitions will be arranged on a rolling basis as the British Fencing calendar is updated. Dates should be agreed well in advance with the NWJS coordinator.

  5. The tournaments are sponsored and one condition for this sponsorship is that they take place on a Saturday and not a Sunday.

  6. Age groups will be under-11 and under-14, though this will not prevent individual organisers from including under-9, cadet or junior competitions.

  7. A minimum age of 9 should be enforced, thus for 2012 no competitors whose year of birth is later than 2003 should be allowed to fence.

  8. The competitions will be open to fencers both in the NW and other regions.

  9. A separate section on the NW web site is dedicated to the competitions, organisers should use this to:

    • Online entry

    • Add an entry to the calendar giving details of the event

    • Add a news flash article to announce their tournament

    Information should be added to the website at least 6 weeks before the competition. Instructions and assistance on these procedures will be availablefrom the NW webmaster

  10. After the tournament results should be sent to the junior series organiser and the NW web master to allow ranking tables and the web site to be updated.

  11. The season for the tournaments will run from 1 st January to 31 st December.

  12. Initial rankings for the competitions should be taken from the ranking list published on the NW fencing site. At the beginning of the season the ranking points from the previous season should be used.

  13. Ranking into the DE should be calculated from the pool round

  14. It may be necessary to mix genders and age groups during the pool rounds. If this is done then the fencers should be separated out in to the proper age groups for the DE.

Before the Competition

Before the competition you should ensure that the venue is booked and that there will be someone available to both open it before check-in and close it at the end of the day.

You should also have a supply of non-marking tape. Most sports administrators at the site will be able to sell you this.

If your venue does not have catering then you should consider whether you can supply a basic catering service selling drinks and snacks.

On the Day

On the day of the competition you will need to

  1. Lay out pistes. It is not necessary to use insulated pistes, though if they are available then they should be used for the finals

  2. Organise a check-in, ideally at the entrance to the venue

  3. Organise your catering if you are running it yourselves

  4. Provide a sign-in sheet and sticky labels for all those wishing to take photographs

  5. Organise a list of referees

  6. Provide an area for the DT, preferably where the personnel running it will not be disturbed by fencers or parents

  7. Have sufficient Blu-Tack or equivalent to stick running results on the walls

  8. Have "gophers" who can communicate between the DT and the hall where the competition is taking place

  9. Have someone who is willing to present medals at the end of the competition

  10. Make sure that there will be people left at the end of the day who can take up pistes and be responsible for returning any borrowed or hired equipment

  11. Have someone responsible for collecting lost property and informing the owners of the property or the North-West web master.

  12. Have someone responsible for sending the results to the North-West web master.

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