I am pleased to see that others have begun to contribute to the site and it is not longer seen to by my private play park. I am sure that others would contribute if only they knew how and were confident of doing so.

This being so I have written a manual which explains how to add content, make a calendar entry, send a newsletter and produce online registrations. I have attached the manual to this article.

So, if your club has had a good result, had a fencer gain a place in a national squad, are running a training session or a course of some kind, or indeed have anything that promotes fencing in the North West then help yourself to a copy of the manual and have a go. While the manual is moderately large I hope it explains how to add material to the site in a reasonably easy fashion.

Please note that this is first draft of the manual, there are things that need completing and I am sure there are errors and deficiencies in it. I would appreciate any feedback or indications where it could be improved.