Lancashire Schools

The Lancashire Schools tournament will take place on the 29th of April at Stonyhurst College in Clitheroe. There will be competitions at all 6 weapons for under-11, under-14, under-17 and under-20 fencers. The under-11 and under-14 competitions will form part of the North-West Junior Series.

You can enter online by following this link


This is the version of the constitution that was defined at the EGM in February 2003

1. Definitions

  1. The Region shall be known as the British Fencing North West Region.
  2. The Regional Area comprises
    1. Cheshire
    2. Lancashire
    3. Merseyside
    4. Greater Manchester
    5. Cumbria
    6. The Isle of Man

2. Aims and Objectives

  1. The object of the Region shall be to foster and develop Fencing in the Regional Area. This will include:
    1. The Federation of Clubs interested in Fencing.
    2. Implementation of any British Fencing Regional Plans in a manner appropriate to the Region.
    3. The provision of facilities and functions which may be beyond the reach of individual clubs. This could include, but is not limited to, coach and referee development and additional fencer training.
    4. The representation of Regional Fencers in matters related to Fencing outside of the Regional Area.
    5. The settlement of all questions referred to the Region, the maintenance of Fencing discipline within the Regional Area and the repression of abuses in connection with Fencing.
    6. The selection of teams for National inter-Regional competitions.
    7. The organisation of Competitions and Championships.
    8. The holding of Inter-region and County matches and the selection of representative teams for such matches.

3. Structure

  1. The following shall be deemed to be Individual Members of the Region, entitled to attend General Meetings
    1. All members of British Fencing resident in the Regional Area.
    2. All members of British Fencing who are members of a voting Club within the Region.
    3. All members of the British Academy of Fencing working within the Regional Area
  2. All Clubs in the Region which are affiliated to British Fencing shall be Voting Clubs of the Region. Any other bodies which are affiliated to British Fencing, whilst not being a Club in the conventional sense, may apply to the Region to become an Associate Body within the Region and be entitled to a vote. The Region shall maintain a register of Associate Bodies and their enfranchisement shall be ratified at the AGM.
  3. The Region shall have a committee structure which is responsible for its own organisation within British Fencing.
  4. All matters of National interest or matters affecting National policy shall be referred to British Fencing Board of Directors, through the Regional Secretary, for a decision.

4. Regional Committee

  1. The Region will establish an Executive Committee at an Annual General Meeting.
  2. The Executive Committee will comprise a minimum of five appointed members from a minimum of three different Clubs. Of these five, three shall be appointed to the Honorary posts of Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer. Whilst professional Members of the Regional Area may be elected to the Committee they may not be elected to these Honorary posts.
  3. The Executive Committee shall be responsible for conducting the affairs of the Regional Area and have the authority to co-opt advisory members whenever considered necessary.
  4. Regional sub-committees will be established for specific activities within the Region. These may include, but are not limited to:
    1. Coach development
    2. Referee development
    3. Youth development
  5. The structure of these sub-committees should follow that of the Executive Committee, i.e. they should have a Chairman and Secretary. The Chairman of each sub-committee will sit on the Executive Committee.
  6. Other Executive Committee members may include but not be limited to:
    1. A Regional Team Captain
    2. A Cadet Points Coordinator
    3. publicity/press officer
    4. A Regional development officer

5. Meetings

  1. The Annual General Meeting of the Region shall take place between January 1st and April 30th. All Clubs shall be notified at least six weeks in advance.
  2. The Secretary will summon an Extraordinary General Meeting if required to do so by either a majority vote of the Executive Committee, or by written demand of duly elected representatives of not less than one third of the voting Clubs in the Region. Only business for which the meeting was called can be discussed.
  3. All Members of the Region are entitled to attend General Meetings of the Region. Other interested parties may attend at the discretion of the Meeting. Each voting Club shall have one vote. This may be cast by an accredited member of the Club or by a proxy agent appointed, in writing, by the Club. Written proxy votes referring to specific items on the Agenda may also be cast if the Club does not send a representative nor appoints a proxy, except at the discretion of the AGM. Any individual member attending a meeting can only represent one club, either as an accredited member or as an appointed proxy.
  4. The Region at a General Meeting shall appoint an Executive Committee.
    1. Nominations duly proposed and seconded by members of the Region for the posts of Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer must be received 21 days prior to the AGM. The Secretary will circulate the nominations to all Clubs. In the event of there being no nominations then nominations duly proposed and seconded by Members of the Region may be accepted on the day.
    2. More than five Committee Members may be appointed at the General Meeting, without prejudice to the ability of the Committee to co-opt advisory members.
    3. Committee members will serve for one year and, upon retirement from office, are eligible for re-election.
  5. At a General Meeting the region may create a President and an unlimited number of Vice-Presidents of the Region. These honorary posts may be conferred on individuals in recognition of exemplary service to the Region, or Fencing in general.
  6. At each AGM an auditor shall be appointed who should hold no other office in the Region.
  7. Changes to the Constitution shall normally be made at the AGM, or at a special EGM. Clubs shall be notified of such proposed changes at least six weeks in advance.
  8. Committee meetings shall be held as often as is necessary to maintain efficient conduct of the affairs of the Region. The Honorary Secretary shall convene the meetings and record the minutes of such meetings. The quorum shall be three.

6. Financial

  1. The executive committee shall control and regulate all income and expenditure of the Region. The bank account shall be drawn upon by the Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary, payable on two signatures.
  2. All income shall be used for the benefit of the Region
  3. For the purposes of accounting, the financial year shall end on 31st July.
  4. A statement of accounts shall be prepared for the AGM and the last annual account shall be available for inspection. British Fencing North West Region Committee shall take steps to have the accounts audited by a competent person.

7. Tournaments

  1. The Region shall organise Individual Championships at each weapon. Only Members of the Regional Area shall be eligible to enter these Championships.
  2. The region shall organise Region Club Team Championships at each weapon. These may be entered by voting clubs in the Region. All members of a Club Team must be bona fide members of the Club for a minimum period of three months or since the inception of the Club. There shall be no restrictions on the number of teams a Club may enter.
  3. All Competitions and Fixtures held within the Regional Area shall take place using the current British Fencing Rules for Competitions, except that the Organising Committee may vary these in order to facilitate the running of the competition.
  4. The Organising Committee shall decide upon eligibility for entry to other events than the Club Team and Individual Regional Championships.

8. National Inter-Regional Competitions

  1. Selection for Cadet and Senior National Inter-Regional Competitions (the Winton Cup Tournaments) will be done by the Regional Team Captain.
  2. The selection for the Senior Winton Cup Tournament will be based upon the nationally published ranking lists published at the start of the calendar month after the Merseyside Open.
  3. The selection for the Cadet Winton Cup Tournament will be based upon the Regional Cadet ranking list prepared by the Points Coordinator after the Welsh Open.
  4. Regional Senior Colours shall be awarded to any Fencer who represents the Region in two Senior Winton Cup squads.
  5. Regional Cadet Colours shall be awarded to any Fencer who represents the Region in the Cadet Winton Cup Championship.

9. Dissolution

If circumstances necessitate the dissolution of the Region all properties belonging to the Region and all cash remaining in hand after realisation of effects and payment of debts shall handed over to British Fencing to be used in any way they think fit in the furtherance of Fencing.

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