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Wanted - Web Master

Apart from a short break I have run the NW web site since its inception. I am conscious that the site is largely dependent on a single person and that although I don't inted to retire quite yet this is not a healthy situation.

I am therefore looking for someone, or preferably several people, to take on the task of assistant web master(s) with the intention of eventually taking over the running of the site.

What would you need in order to become a web master? First and foremost, a good knowledge of the fencing scene here in the NW. Secondly an ability to write material for the site and edit material sent to you by others.

After that come some technical requirements:

  • Some knowledge of the web technology used in the site, namely the Joomla! framework
  • The ability to organise and manipulate media for the site
  • Possibly some knowledge of the PHP programming language
  • Time, a couple of hours a week is the average in order to keep the site up to date

If you think you could take the task on then This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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  • Wanted - Web Master

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