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Fencing Time Manual

As some of you may be aware we use the program Fencing Time to run the NWJS tournaments. This is an excellent program but reflects its American origins quite strongly, this is particularly the case for its manual.

I have written a British version of the manual, which you can find here:

Fencing Time Manual Version:1.0

This is a draft of a British manual for the Fencing Time program.

The manual is feature complete, but may contain a small number of typos, not be as clear as it could be in certain places and needs the layout tweaking on one or two pages.

If you use the manual could I possibly ask you to provide me with feedback on any errors, ommissions or changes that you think might improve it.

Author  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Date 2013-01-13 Filesize 2.99 MB Download 102

I think this is more or less feature complete, but it may have typos and the layout may need tweaking in places. If you use the manual to run tournaments I would appreciate any feedback on errors or where improvements could be made.

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