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These are the sabre questions from the county referee exam. For this quiz we would ask that you register on the web site and login before you actually do the quiz.
1.    What is the maximum curve that is permitted in a sabre blade? (m23)
  4 cm in the lateral plane
  2 cm
  4 cm in any direction.
2.    The conductive over-jacket must cover the valid target when the fencer is: (m34, t43)
  in any position.
  standing upright, in the on-guard position and lunging.
  in the on-guard position.
3.    The lower limit of the sabre target extends to: (t71)
  the top of the folds formed by the thighs and by the trunk.
  the waist.
  a horizontal line across the back and joining the tops of the hip bones.
4.    Both fencers attack simultaneously. Fencer X attacks with a lunge whilst fencer Y attacks with a flèche. Both fencers hit. What should the referee do?
  As the hits are made simultaneously annul both.
  Give a hit X and annul Y's hit because s/he crossed his/her feet.
  Annul Y's hit, give a hit to X and give a yellow card to Y.
5.    Before the order to "play", fencer X comes on guard in the point-in-line position. The referee should: (t17)
  allow it.
  tell the fencer to come on-guard properly.
  order "play", but not award any scored by X's existing line.
6.    Fencer X has scored 8 hits in the first 32 seconds of a bout, what action should the referee take? (2002)
  consider that the bout is one sided and declare that X is the winner.
  consider that the first phase is at an end and take a 1 minute break.
7.    Fencer X makes a beat attack which arrives on target. On the beat, fencer Y drops his/her weapon. What should the referee do?
  annul X's hit.
  award X's hit.
  give Y a yellow card for incorrect fencing.
8.    Fencer X's attack clearly arrives on fencer Y's leg. Y's counter attack arrives on X's target. What is the referee's decision?
  annul Y's hit because X has hit off-target with an action that is in time.
  award Y's hit.
  give X a yellow card for hitting a non-target area.
9.    What length must the wire connecting the mask to the conductive jacket be? (m32)
  not less than 30 cm.
  30 cm to 40 cm.
  not less than 40 cm.
  not more than 40 cm.
10.    During the bout fencer Y's guard brushes against fencer X's jacket. A hit is registered for Y. The referee should: (t70)
  annul the hit and give a yellow card to Y.
  annul the hit.
  give the hit.

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