This section deals with rankings in the North-West region.

Why should we have our own ranking system when national rankings can be found on the British Fencing web site?

The major reason is that these rankings do not show the results of our regional competitions. The North-West has an extensive programme of schools competitions, many entrants to which do not take part in other tournaments. As such their achievements would not be shown anywhere.

In addition to this the national rankings are aimed at showing which fencers are capable of fencing in foreign tournaments, often as part of the British squad. The rankings shown here are meant to enable the BFNWR team captain decide who will be a member of the Cadet Winton squad, a tournament which takes place in December each year.

  • NWJS Rankings
    These are the rankings for the NWJS Foil
  • Cadet Rankings

    NWJS Cadet Rankings are produced from a variety of sources detailed in the "Ranking Rules" section.

     These rankings are used to select a team for the Cadet Winton each December.

  • Cadet Rankings - Archive

    Historic record of previous cadet rankings.