1 November Foil Rankings
Written by Jan Fitton   
Thursday, 15 November 2020
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1 November Foil Rankings
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Girls Foil

Sixteen fencers reached the minimum of 20 points required to be ranked.  Lara Kerrison again tops the foil rankings in her final cadet year with 5 figures, Maddison Turner is in second place and Sophie Mason is third. Sophie has had some very impressive results in her first year in the senior competitions and is moving steadily up the cadet, junior and senior national rankings.  Alexandra Fitton had continued, for the second year, her unbeaten run in the local schools competitions. Also congratulations to both Sophie and Alexandra as they have been selected as part of the Tomorrow's Achievers team to represent England at the Marathon de Fleuret in Paris in February 2008 (the second time for Sophie)

Best Cadet:   Lara Kerrison (Scaramouche)          15815.48 pts

Best U14:     Sophie Mason (Salle Kiss)                 7907.44 pts

Best U12:     Alexandra Fitton (Salle Kiss)                512.51 pts

Best U10:     Lauren Duggan (Cressy)                          69.08 pts

Best Schools Result:    Alexandra Fitton with a maximum 80 pts

Best Leon Paul result  Alexandra Fitton 123.7 pts

  1. Lara Kerrison                          Scaramouche     1990        15815.48
  2. Maddison Turner                    Braaid                 1991        10844.06
  3. Sophie Mason                        Salle Kiss            1993          7907.44
  4. Siobhan Ives                          IOM Schools        1991          3927.04
  5. Sophie Foo                             Cressy                 1992          2599.50
  6. Alexandra Fitton                     Salle Kiss           1995            512.51
  7. Brogan McKenzie-Burke        Cressy                 U14             134.16
  8. Issie Ferris                              IOM Schools        U12             130.49
  9. Sarah Hiddleston                   Romiley                U12               80.87
  10. Lauren Duggan                      Cressy                   U10               69.08
  11. Katherine Bernstein               Arnold                   U14               57.60
  12. Soraya Atherton                     Cressy                   U14               54.00
  13. Naomi Shaw                           Romiley                U12               54.00
  14. Emma Templeton                  Preston                 U12               43.28
  15. Anna Champ                          Bramhall              U17               20.00
  16. Kayleigh Lowther-Edwards   Morecambe          U14               20.00

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