1 November Epee & Sabre Rankings
Written by Jan Fitton   
Friday, 09 November 2020
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1 November Epee & Sabre Rankings
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This year the rankings have been compiled by Jan Fitton, with help from Nick Murphy and Alex Simpson. They are complete up to 31st Oct 2007 and it is hoped that the next update will be available on 31st Jan 2008. If you spot any errors please contact Jan Fitton.

Top Cadet 2007

Lizzie Highton (Ribble Valley) (Epée) with 20553 pts.

Top U14 2007

Matthew Fitton (Salle Kiss) (Foil) with 3683 pts.

Master at Arms.

This year Helena Varey (Bolton) and Matthew Albers (Scaramouche) take the girl's and boy's titles, but a special mention should go to the only fencers who were ranked in all three weapons, Matthew Duggan (Cressy) and Jamie Simpson (Stockport).

Top Cadet by Club

Apple                         Keiran Wright (Foil)

Arnold                        Mark Roper (Epée)

Ashton                       Daniel Fannon (Sabre)

Blackpool                   Jonathon Pickup (Epée)

Bolton                        Helena Varey (Epée)

Braiad                        Maddison Turner (Foil)

Bramhall                    Sam Treadway (Foil)

Cressy                       Sophie Foo (Foil)

Haslingdon                Thomas Parkin (Epée)

Kingswood                 Imogen Webster (Foil)

Manchester  FC         James Levy (Foil)

Morecambe Blades    Simon Barnes (Sabre)

Preston                      Matthew Carney (Foil)

Romiley                      Rebecca Adamson (Sabre)

Ribble Valley              Elizabeth Highton (Epée)

Rivington Park            Emily Ruaux (Sabre)

Salle Kiss                   Sophie Mason (Foil)

Scaramouche             Lara Kerrsion (Foil)

Stockport                    Greg Carty (Epée)

Tameside                   Danny Wood (Epée)

West Lancs                Dominic Cross (Foil)

White Bear                 Nicholas Jones (Sabre)

Weaverham               Stephen Cookson (Foil)


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