Some website updates
Written by Colin Walls   
Thursday, 30 August 2021

The website hasn't been quite as current as it could be of late. I can only claim changing my job status and moving house as excuses.

There will be some updates shortly. I have brought the underlying software up to the latest versions and done some tidying up. It is time the look and feel had a refresh, I have a new dark theme (as requested by a number of people in the last poll) ready to go, I will implement this in the first weekend in September. It may take a short while to get all the other bits of the site to match it, so bear with me.

Once this is done I will look again at the new ranking software. This is pretty close to being ready to go, so watch for it in late September.

Finally, our new chairman has some ideas on what he wants to do with the site, but he hasn't told me as yet...

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