BFNWR - EGM 30th June 2007
Written by Colin Walls   
Sunday, 29 July 2021
At Scout Hut, Garston, Liverpool.


Graham Kemp (chair), Nicholas Murphy (notes), Duncan Rowlands, Mike Swiffin, Alex Simpson, Andy Thornton, Brian Turner, Susan Burghley, Brian Jones, Craig Boyce, Lee Hinegan, Keith McCarthy, Colin Walls


Linda Kent, Rick Kent, Beryl Goodall, Eddie Goodall, Liz Chinn, David Varey



Matters arising from the last meeting



  • Received 2 letters from Cressy Fencing Club who had not received the constitutional amendments. GK had sent them a copy.


Report of Chairman

  • I believe that this committee has a role of care to those fencers and clubs who need support. Manchester, Stockport can act independently, but many other clubs cannot. Committee should facilitate mutual support through out the region, so region as whole can benefit. Gill Prideaux has offered to host an informal meeting to look at the future role of the committee and what it aims to achieve. I would like to see younger representation on the committee.


Report of Treasurer

  • NM estimated that the current balance of the regional account is £5620. This was based on the last statement sheet available to him and taking into account the amounts that he knew were either paid in or out. The balance at the year-end last July was £6531 so a loss of approximately £911 would be expected.


North West Captain's Report

  • After the withdrawal of 2 teams just before the Senior Winton weekend we found ourselves relegated to second division. Then teams dropped out and we were in a division of 5 teams. Everyone fought well but ended up 3rd by about 5 bout victories.


Constitutional Amendment

  • DR answered questions about how this would benefit the NW fencers and the eligibility of fencers for the NW teams in the Cadet and Senior Winton. A list of those eligible being available was suggested. Confusion at last Cadet Winton selection, led to break of trust. GK emphasized need to keep things in the open and above board.
  • A vote was taken to accept the amendments with 8 votes for the motion and 2 against.


Election of Officers and Committee Members

  • Mike Swiffin was proposed for Chairperson by Colin Walls and seconded by Linda Kent. He was duly elected.
  • Duncan Rowlands was proposed for Hon. Treasurer by Colin Walls and seconded by Linda Kent
  • Nicholas Murphy was proposed for Hon. Treasurer by Andy Thornton and seconded by Catherine Ashton
  • Duncan was duly elected.
  • Liz Chinn and Alex Simpson agreed to stand for the post of Hon. Secretary.
  • Alex was duly elected.
  • Janet Fitton was proposed as a committee member by Steven Tarling and seconded by Rory Hallat
  • Linda Kent was proposed as a committee member by Steven Tarling and seconded by Rory Hallat
  • Andy Thornton was proposed as a committee member by Nicholas Murphy and seconded by Catherine Ashton
  • Susan Burghley was proposed as a committee member by Brian Jones and seconded by Graham Kemp
  • Michael Ruaux was proposed as a committee member by Lee Hinegan and seconded by Joe Craig
  • David Varey was proposed as a committee member by Lee Hinegan and seconded by Joe Craig
  • Craig Boyce was proposed as a committee member by Lee Hinegan and seconded by Joe Craig

DR expressed concerns at the number of people being nominated for a committee position and asked whether they would be asked why they wanted to stand.

GK asked whether there were any objections to any of the nominees. None were received. GK asked MS that at the meeting GP offered to host, committee members could look to the roles they wish to take up and promote.


Refereeing Development in Region

  • GK pointed out the struggle to obtain referees for local competitions. There were only 3 referees at the Morecambe 2006 leg of the NWJS and 2 at Stockport!
  • A lot of referees are out there but obviously they are not directly known or are able to be contacted. A list needs to be compiled, for organisers to utilise.
  • We need to encourage young fencers to referee and put in place a middle step before a full exam like the LPJS referee scheme
  • Possibility to form a refereeing sub-committee to look at these issues


North West Youth Competition Programme

  • GK informed committee of the resources of these competitions, and need to keep asset they bring to NW Youth fencing. The competitions are:
  • North West Junior Series Foil: U10 and U12 steam; U14 and U16 electric. Isle of Man want to hold one this year. The series rewards those who turn up to lots of events. Was 4 events
  • Lancashire Schools being run this year by Rivington Park.
  • There was a Cheshire Schools competition and we need to find out what is happening to it.
  • NWJS Team Foil: U13 and U17 mixed team event; maximum of 8 clubs; Bramhall have the U13 trophy and Manchester the U17; 3rd person on the team is a key role; hasn't run for 2 years.
  • NWJS Epee/Sabre ran alongside with Lancashire Schools last year and tried to do so this with the Cheshire Schools but with no success; 3 events that were run by Mavis Thornton
  • NW Cadet Championship not run for 3 years
  • DR pointed out that these competitions brought in a large amount of income
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