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Cheshire Schools Open Foil Results
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Wednesday, 14 March 2021

Results of the Cheshire Schools Open Foil which took place on Saturday 10th March 2007

Under 10 Boys

1st Ted Thompson Cressy

2nd Laurence Price Wrexham

3rd Mathias Owen-Sinclair Wrexham

3rd Lew Freeburn Wrexham

5th Kaspar Turner Wrexham

Under 10 Girls

1st Olivia Owen-Sinclare Wrexham

2nd Lauren Duggan Cressy

3rd Bethany Ellis Wrexham

Under 12 Boys

1st Daniel Wilson Cressy

2nd Matthew Duggan Cressy

3rd Drew Griffiths Cressy

3rd Jeremy Allmand-Smith Salle Kiss

5th Oliver Price Wrexham

Under 12 Girls

1st Alexandra Fitton Salle Kiss

2nd Naomi Shaw Romiley

3rd Sarah Middleton Romiley

3rd Jesica Stratford Bury

5th Olwen Marshal Wrexham

Under 14 Boys

1st Mark Cudworth Salle Kiss

2nd Matthew Fitton Salle Kiss

3rd James Grady Salle Kiss

3rd Nick Fernandez Saltney

5th Dominic Cross West Lancs

6th Matthew Bannon Cressy

7th Luke Potts Wrexham

8th Hugh Johnson Sedberg School

Under 14 Girls

1st Soraya Atherton Cressy

Under 16 Boys

1st Karol Jaworski Bramhall

2nd Joshua Jacksn Bramhall

5th Mark Hiddersley Cressy

Under 16 Girls

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