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July 2005 Rankings
Written by Colin Walls   
Monday, 31 October 2020
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July 2005 Rankings
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These are the rankings for July 2005. There is no accompanying description, since the points coordinator was incapacitated.

These rankings should be treated as provisional since they have been recreated for the new website. The rankings that will be used to select for the Cadet Winton will be produced after the Welsh Open.

Boys Foil

1Alan CharlesMFC1587
2Sam TreadwaySYF1026
3Adam JonesRomiley980
4James LevyMFC959
5James GradySalle Kiss335
6Mark CudworthSalle Kiss325
7Jonathon YatesPreston302
8Matthew FittonSalle Kiss291
9Thomas CorlettIOM (F)250
10Thomas MottersheadRomiley179
11Matthew KeenStockport137
12Tim LoudSYF130
13Joseph BanksSYF120
14Donalad CameronWest Lancs91
15Jordon WrightCressy77
16Joe MartinSalle Kiss72
17Alex BamfordCressy68
18Jacob BanksBolton42
19Gregory HalletSalle Kiss42
20David DukeIOM (F)40
20Matthew DugganCressy40
22Matthew BannonCressy39
22Frazier HadfieldMFC39
22Tobais Cleaver RossArnold39
22Daniel WilsonCressy39
22Robert CrookshankSacramouche36
27Mark HidderleyCressy36
27Ben BlakeArnold35
29Jack HoughtonCressy34
30Lawrence CohenSYF31
31Connor O'SullivanSYF29
32Liam HidderleyCressy24
33Jake LambMYB23
34Robert ReganSalle Kiss22

out of 50 fencers

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