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Cadet Ranking Rules
Written by Colin Walls   
Wednesday, 26 October 2020

Cadet Ranking Rules

Useful Things to Know

The Season
The season runs from November to November - it ends with the Welsh Open, and the new season begins with first event after the Welsh Open.
The Cadet Winton
The Cadet Winton cup team is usually chosen from top three in the final rankings in November. If any of top three are not available, then next placed fencer is chosen. Two reserves are usually selected, these are based both on the position and the ability to fence multiple weapons
Position Points
For each placing there is a set number of points, e.g In schools competitions 1st place gives 20 points all the way down to 96th place.
NIF Count
This is measure of the difficulty of the competition. The overall NIF count for a competition is calculated by adding
  • 6 points for each fencer in the top 10 of the previous year's rankings
  • 3 points for each fencer between 11 and 20 in the previous year's rankings
  • 1 point for each fencer between 21 and 50 in the previous year's rankings
80% Cut off
For many events you need to be in top 80% of the final placings to score (exceptions to this are School events and the NW Cadet Championships, where any position will score). This is different from National rankings where there is a 75% cut off.
This means under-17 on the 1st of January of the ranking year.
This means under-10 on the 1st of January of the ranking year. Cadets who gain points in a Junior competition will have these doubled.
Senior Competition
This is a competition open to all fencers 13 years and over. For a Cadet gaining points in a senior tournament will have these multiplied by 6.

Ranking Points

NW rankings are divided into eight sections; your ranking points are made up of the points scored in each of these sections. As anew, or young and inexperienced fencer, you should be looking to do events in the first sections, and move on to later sections to get higher scores as your progress as a fencer (Get advice from your coach on these matters).

To be included on rankings you need to make a score of 20 points. This is achievable if you do, say, three school events. To be ranked is an achievement in itself. Even if you are the lowest person on the rankings you should note that there will be others who do not achieved the required number of points to get in the lists. The total number of fencers who have gained points will be given at the bottom of the table.

Section 1 - Schools Competitions

These include

  1. Cheshire School
  2. Lancashire Schools
  3. BYC Qualifiers
  4. NWJS Sabre and Épée
  5. NWJS electric foil event but not NWJS series non-electric foil events

You get position points irrespective of where you come. Your four best scores are recorded on the rankings, and the highest score in this section for each age group and weapon is mentioned in final NW Cadet rankings report.

Section 2 - Leon Paul Junior Series

You score

Position points × Size of Entry × age modifier

The age modifier is

Under 17
The modifier is × 0.5
Under 15
The modifier is × 0.4
Under 13
The modifier is × 0.3
Under 11
The modifier is × 0.2

You only score if you are in top 80% of the competition unless there are 4 or less in your event.

Your best three scores are recorded in the NW rankings

Section 3 - BFNWR Cadet Championships

This is held at Blackpool in the autumn, you score

Position points × 3

irrespective of the position you come.

Section 4 - Manchester Cadet International

Here you receive

Position points × NIF count

The points are taken from what is recorded from the National rankings. You need to be in top 80% to score points.

Section 5 - British Cadet or Junior Championships

The British Cadet Championships have same ranking rule as the Manchester Cadets. However as the British Junior Championships is held at same venue on the following day, if you do this event and gain more points than your score for the Junior championships then this will be used instead. Note: For the Junior event the points for a cadet fencer will be doubled.

Section 6 - NW Open Competitions

Your two best will be taken from these listed events.

Senior Opens - points are Position points × 6 (as Senior event) × NIF count, but you need to be in top 80% to gain points. These events are:

  1. Merseyside Open
  2. Wrexham Open
  3. Ashton Open
  4. Bay Open - this is a fun event, and mixed event - it will be position points × 6 (no separation between gender).

If you are going for serious points then the first three are key events, but for those like to do the NW Senior or Bay Open, scores are included.

Section 7 - All Other Opens

Your best three Open scores will count here, where ever Open may be in UK. Note as bigger opens often have up to 180 fencers. Thus we count only top 96 fencers, if this is less than 80% of number in the event.

The score will be Position points × 6 × NIF count

International Results

For those you get opportunity to fence abroad, your best International score will be counted here, but only one International event will count, and it must be recorded on National Rankings list to be included here.


If you any questions, queries, worries do contact me, that is what I am there for, either at competitions or by e-mail. This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it In addition if you want personal updates of NW rankings, send me your e-mail and I will send you them before the go up on Website. This gives you the opportunity to check them. With 200 fencers to keep track on, errors do occur, and I always appreciate any help in spotting any error I have made. I want this to be as fair as possible.

NW Rankings appear 3 times a year

  1. End of March
  2. End of July
  3. Final rankings in November

But during September and October, you can contact me if you want to know how a specific individual is doing, leading up to the final rankings.


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