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2005 AGM Minutes (7th May 2005)


Linda Kent (Manchester), Colin Walls (Salle Kiss), Graham Kemp (Morecambe), Rick Kent (North West Squad Club).


Beryl & Eddie Goodall, Duncan Rowlands (Stockport), Mavis Thornton (Arnold), Penny Tyson & Gillian Prideaux (Trafford), Henry De Silva, David Varey (Bolton), Natalia Gyuricska (Salle Kiss).

Minutes of Last AGM & Matters Arising

  1. Child Protection - response to these issues from the clubs has been very poor.
  2. Minutes of AGM will go on website ASAP after meeting

Minutes then passed as a true record of meeting of 26th April 2004


No undealt with correspondence

Chairmans Report - Colin Walls

In my report last year I detailed the amount of time that I was putting in to fencing. While individual elements have changed, the overall workload has increased. I have more pupils, including the Sheffield University BUSA team, and have travelled abroad three times in the past year. The last time to the World Cadet championships in Linz.

Accompanying this have been changes to the rest of my life. I have been "sold" to BT, i.e. outsourced from my previous job. This has meant increased responsibilities and travel.

Now that out daughters are both at University we have also decided to move. We have bought a barn which requires conversion. This is going to require a significant amount of time to project manage.

For these reasons I have decided that this is the time for me to resign as BFNWR chairman. I don't see this as a complete divorce, rather a temporary leave of absence. I would certainly like to come back at some time.


So what has changed during my chairmanship?

The Mailing List
When I took over as chairman, and Linda as secretary communication was paper based. Periodically a newsletter would be prepared, printed and sent to club secretaries. This was time consuming, laborious and not guaranteed to get to be shown on club notice boards in time.

We have replaced this with an email list. This reaches six times the number of people the print list reached. It makes the individual fencer responsible for getting information, rather than being reliant on club secretaries.

It isn't perfect, not everyone has email, and it doesn't reach everybody. It also seems to rely on people sending things to me, and me forwarding it on.

I would urge you to join the mailing list if you are not already a member and convince your club colleagues to join too. If you are running a competition, training day or have a question about fencing in the North West then mail the list!
The Web Site
What would an organisation be without a web site these days? It wasn't always so. I started the website to try and and get information out to the fencing community in a more timely fashion than the printed newsletter. The initial site was useful, but soon grew too large for me to maintain properly. It didn't help that the only person who could make changes was myself and it didn't take long for me to be berated for not getting information up within a few days.

The new site is much more like I intended. It is starting to be a community web site. I still seem to provide the majority of information, but people like Gary Longthorn, Liz Chinn and now Bob Merry are contributing. The site is viewed around 100 times a day, which is good for a regional site representing a small sport. I know it is visited by the local press and people who Google for things like "Fencing North England", so if you are running beginners courses or have an exceptional result.then please put it on the web site. If you want to know how to do this then please ask me, I will still be acting as the regions webmaster.
The Committee
We attempted to break down the functions of the committee into more manageable chunks. I must admit that this has not been the best of successes, to some extent because of changes within British Fencing and Sports UK. The sub-groups that now operate are:
  • Youth Development This is jointly handled by Mavis Thornton and Graham Kemp. Between them they run the NWJS and Lancashire Schools events. Graham also produces the cadet ranking lists for the region. These competitions, together with Cheshire Schools, are a credit to the region. Other regions either copy the idea, or send their fencers to our tournaments.
  • Coaching This is run by a small sub-committee, initially led by Ian Manley and taken over last year by Graham Kemp. The major problem here has been the change of syllabus and the lack of a steer on how to formulate level 1 and 2 courses by British Fencing. After an excellent day with David Kirby there is an understanding on the differences between the Hungarian and British systems. It does need a new approach to carry coach development forward within the region.
  • Refereeing This is an area in which we have struggled. More referees are always needed, but we don't have a high enough demand to justify a group within the committee. A more ad hoc mechanism may be the way forward in the future.
The Constitution
The previous constitution was severely in need of a revamp, focused as it was on the running of regional tournaments. It has now been replaced with a much clarified version with more emphasis on fencing development
Regional Development
Natalia Gyuricska was appointed as our regional development office by British Fencing with a nominal stipend. Many clubs in the region have benefited from her help with grant applications. This is an area where we have done reasonably well, with additional funding providing equipment and other resources. Regionally we have benefited from this too, since we have been able to run a number of training days which have been grant funded. Without this funding we would not have been able to run these events.
Fencing is a growing sport, and we have a number of new clubs in the region, including Apple, Cressy and Manchester. We also have clubs that have moved venue or changed their names, such as Saltney and the Dunes. Unfortunately we have some clubs that have ceased to function, such as Standish. These are mostly due to the retirement of the single coach that the club possesses. Please get the senior members of your club to contact the region so that we can provide coaching course to avoid the sad loss of clubs.
We are extremely fortunate that Steve Glaister and Natalia Gyuricska have created a brand new and prestigious tournament for the region. The Manchester Cadet tournament is the only 6 weapon open Cadet event in the country. Last year it attracted some 225 fencers from Britain and Ireland. The hope this year is that it will increase to 300 with a number of international fencers attending. An Hungarian team has already committed to attend and there is interest from Italy and Germany.

At the same time we should not forget our local events. I have always been keen to move the regional championships around the region. For the first time this year we "sub-contracted" the running of the championships. West Lancs. made an excellent job of running the event. I hope the new committee will look at whether this is a viable way forward. It would be good to have more clubs running tournaments, if a six weapon event is too much then perhaps your club might consider running or hosting a NWJS competition.
Outside the Region - the English Fencing Union
Because of the regionalisation of sport a fencing union for England has been created.

The region will need to align itself with the Union constitutionally. It will also need to bid for monies that have gone to the union for development of fencing over the next four years. The board of the union is actively pursuing opportunities for coach, club and fencing development.


Honours this year must go to James Thornton for his last 32 at Basle. This meant he was the only person to qualify for the British mens épée team for the Junior World Championships.

Honours also go to our cadet world championship qualifiers, Lara Kerrison at womens foil, Joe Craig for mense épeé, Louise Highton for womens épée and Stuart Marshall for mens sabre.


This is my usual eclectic selection. My apologies if I have missed anyone out.

Mens Foil

Sam Treadway, 8th Under-15 2004 LPJS

William Kemp, 1st Under 17 2004 LPJS

Ahmed Roswosky, 6th Manchester Cadet, 1st Cadet chamionships, 1st Aldershot, 2nd Birmingham

Husayn Rosowsky - 8th at Manchester Cadet, 5th Cadet championships

James Levy, 6th Ashton

Mark Cudworth, 3rd Under 12 BYC

Tom Mottershead, 2nd, Under-16 BYC

Chris Kent, Last 16, Eden Cup and Luxemberg, 2nd Junior championships, 1st Army championships

Steve Glaister, 8th Bristol, 3rd Leicester, 5th Welsh, 3rd Under-18 BYC Foil, 5th Slough, 2nd Edinburgh

Corin Beck, 5th Bristol, 1st BUSA championships, 1st Slough, 3rd Merseyside, 3rd Edinburgh

Jacky Yu, 8th Merseyside

Nick Dootson, 6th Leicester, 6th Edinburgh

Gary Clark, 1st Ashton

Paul Fenton, 2nd Ashton

Paul Rigby, 3rd Ashton

Peter Hewitt, 5th Ashton

Keith McCarthy, 8th Ashton

Jeffrey Kiy, 3rd Merseyside

Womens Foil

Alexandra Fitton,3rd 2004 Under-9 LPJS

Sophie Mason,3rd 2004 Under-11 LPJS

Lara Kerrison, 14th British nationals 3rd Cadet championships, 7th Bristol, 30th in Slovakia

Madison Turner 5th, Under-14 BYC, 5th Under-13 2004 LPJS

Jayne Crook 6th, BUSA championships

Mavis Thornton, 3rd Merseyside

Mens Épée

Patrick Jennings, 1st Under-11 2004 LPJS

Tom Slade, 7th Under-13 2004 LPJS

Alan Charles, 3rd Under-15 LPJS

Theo Smith, 5th Under-15 LPJS

Joe Craig, 4th Under-17 LPJS, 7th Slough, 24th in Bonn, 3rd Dinant, 78th Cadet World

Robert McClean, 3rd, Manchester Cadet, 2nd Nottingham

Mark Howard, 5th, Manchester Cadet

Paul Aldcroft, 7th Cadet Championships

Oliver Baybut-Peyton, 7th Merseyside

James Thornton, 3rd Shropshire, 3rd Junior championships, 2nd Miller-Hallett, 3rd Hereford and Worcester, 28th Basle, 1st Merseyside, 43rd Junior World

Rob Hewett, 3rd Merseyside

Jonathan Bradley, 3rd, BUSA championships

Jon Willis, 1st Shropshire, 2nd Hereford and Worcester, 5th Birmingham, 1st Nottingham

Paul Fenton, 3rd Ashton

Gary Clark, 6th Ashton

Rick Kent, 8th Scottish Open

Womens Épée

Louise Highton, 1st Mnchester Cadet, 2nd Cadet championships, 1st Junior championships, 5th Leicester, 1st Milner-Barry, 7th Slough, 3rd Merseyside, 7th Birmingham, 55th Cadet World, 3rd Under-17 2004 LPJS

Helen Varey, 3rd, Girls Under-17 LPJS

Sarah Sherlock, 7th, Girls Under-17 LPJS

Sarah Vanderwalle, 3rd Ashton

Freya Hall, 6th Manchester Cadet, 5th Shropshire, 3rd Cadet championships, 1st Under-15 2004 LPJS

Jessica Varey 2nd, Under-15 2004 LPJS

Hannah Shackleton 3rd, Under-15 2004 LPJS

Sarah Thompson 2nd Under-17 2004 LPJS

Lisa Farrer, 8th Cadet championships, 4th Under-15 2004 LPJS

Jayne Crook, 1st BUSA championships, 8th Slough, 7th Coup du Nord

Megan Lomas, 7th Bristol, 3rd Shropshire, 1st Ashton, 7th Nottingham, 1st Under-17 LPJS

Mens Sabre

Tom Mottershead, 6th Nottingham

Stuart Marshall, 3rd Boys Under-17 2004 LPJS, 7th Manchester Cadet, 3rd Cadet championships, 6th Junior championships, 2nd Mersyside, 1st Glasgow Open, 1st Nottingham Open, 1st BYC Under-18, 16th Pisa, 6th Kenten, 16th Monaco, 1st Meylan, 36th Cadet Worlds

Simon Barnes, 5th, Boys Under-15 LPJS

Mike Swiffin, 8th Shropshire, 3rd Ashton

John Askew 6th Ashton

Robert Walker 7th Ashton

Womens Sabre

Rebecca Adamson, 7th, Girls Under-13 2004 LPJS

Corrine Kemp, 6th, Girls Under-15 2004 LPJS

Megan Lomas, 3rd Girls Under-17 2004 LPJS

Giselle Cullinane 1st Irish National Championships, 2nd Nottingham Open

Adrienne Tomor, 3rd Merseyside

Yvonne Walls, 1st, Nottingham Open

Secretary's Report - Linda Kent


Again this year has been very busy with fencing and training and the work that I have to do to pay for it all! The most noticeable change to competitions has been the increase in entries for most of them. Some competitions now have waiting lists if you don't get your entries in early enough. This marries with the news in the Sword ('News from The President - April 2005) that membership of the BFA has nearly doubled in the past five years. This only goes to confirm my previous impressions that there was a great deal more interest in fencing. I think that everyone in the country was delighted with Alex O'Connells' win at the Cadet Men's Sabre World Championships, and an improvement of GB international results seems to suggest a very healthy (though still comparatively minor) sport.

North West Squad Club

The North West Squad Club continues to grow and though Csaba Kun has had to go back to Hungary Robert Kiss, Colin Walls, and Steve Glaister are coaching there. North West pentatheletes train there and all weapon coaching is available. This club is open to any experienced or intermediate fencer in the region, and fencers still fence for their club. They can attend as many times a year as they like - or not at all! Contact Robert if you would like to attend.

Cadet International at Bolton

The second year of this competition was a success, with entries up on the first event. So far this year negotiations are underway to get Hungarian and Italian Squads to attend and I believe sponsorship money has been obtained for this purpose. Again our thanks should go to Steve Glaister & Natalia Gyuricska for all their hard work in making this event happen in the region, and to the other volunteers who make this a successful event.

Regional Championships

These were hosted on behalf of the North West Region by East Lancs Fencing Club at Sporting Edge, near Ormskirk. I think everyone will agree with me when I comment that the competition was run extremely well, and despite the difficulties of fitting in a regional competition in the fencing calendar it was well attended. Again I noticed the trend of entries increasing - but where are our lady foilists? My thanks to Gary, Steve and the rest of the team for their excellent work.

Lastly my thanks to all our volunteers throughout the region who give up their time to help with coaching, running competitions, taking children to fencing, and all the other tasks they take on. Without them we certainly would not have the amount and range of fencing in the region that we do have.

Treasurer's Report

As can be seen, the Region had a small surplus in the year to 31 July 2004.

The current position of the Region's finances is, briefly, that the Region is solvent, and has adequate reserves to meet any foreseeable contingencies. For the next year, the Region's anticipated income from all sources is sufficient to cover all anticipated expenditure.

Team Captain's Report

This year saw a tremendous effort by all the fencers who answered the call for both the Cadet and Senior Winton Cups.

In the Cadet Winton everyone fought hard and comported themselves creditably. Overall, the team achieved a very creditable third place. As ever, the powerhouses of the South East and South West proved just too strong, but the margin was narrower than last year. While it is always difficult to focus on individual results within a team event there are a couple of specific results to highlight. The ladies epee team where undefeated in the competition, with hardly a fight lost between them. In women's sabre the region inflicted the first lost fight the South West had conceded in 4 years! A moment to warm a Captain's heart.

In the Senior Winton again all fencers fought hard. Overall, we came a narrow second to Wales in the second division, and are thus promoted! This is a great result and my thanks go out to all to turned out for the team, some at very little notice. Next year life will be hard in the first division. To even just survive a full team with all the top fencers we can muster will be required. I appeal for all the region's fencers to make themselves available to represent their region at next year's Winton.

Finally, it was a pleasure to again be Captain for the teams, and look forward to doing it all again next year.

Youth Development - Mavis Thornton and Graham Kemp

Graham Kemp has taken over the NWJS as Mavis & Mike Thornton have enough work with the BYCs and other competitions they organise. Graham intends to have a full programme of events in the 2005/2006 season. The team event is at Stockport on the 12th June 2005. NWJS epee and sabre competitions entries are very low. This is hoped to be rectified in the coming year. It must be remembered that in order for Isle of Man fencers to attend events need to be organised well in advance.

Election of Officers


Graham Kemp: Proposed by David Varey Seconded by Linda Kent

Elected unanimously (3 votes for)


Duncan Rowlands: Proposed by Colin Walls Seconded by Rick Kent

Elected unanimously (4 votes for)


Linda Kent Proposed by Colin Walls Seconded by Rick Kent

Elected unanimously (3 votes for)

Committee Members

Nicholas Murphy
Proposed by Linda Kent Seconded by Rick Kent

Andy Thornton
Proposed by Linda Kent Seconded by Rick Kent

Adam Souness
Proposed by Linda Kent Seconded by Rick Kent

David Varey
Proposed by Linda Kent Seconded by Rick Kent

Mavis Thornton - Co-opted onto the committee

Any Other Business

Graham Kemp has resigned as the Chair of the Coaching Sub-committee. This will be reconstituted in the near future.

Next Committee Meeting

Next Committee meeting Friday 10th June - venue & time TBA.

Income and Expenditure Account


Period from 1 August 2021 to 31 July 2021

Income £
British Fencing Regions Rebate £291.72

Youth Competition Entry Fees £1,717.00

Senior Competition Entry Fees £655.88

Cadet Winton Fees £1,105.00

Coaching Courses Fees £28.00

Bank Interest £7.52

Donation £150.00

Total Income




British Youth Entry Fees £640.00

British Youth Referee Levy £100.00

Youth Competition Hall Hire £-

Intermediate Foil Entry Fees £-

Senior Competition Hall Hire £-

Competition Medals £131.70

Competition Incidentals £38.38

Senior Winton Entry Fee £200.00

Senior Winton Accommodation £-

Senior Winton Referee Expenses £55.00

Cadet Winton Entry Fee £95.00

Cadet Winton Accommodation £1,056.00

Cadet Winton Mini-Bus Hire & Fuel

Regional Teams' clothing &

Coaching Courses Hall Hire £-

Coaching Courses Coach Fees £187.00

Referee Development expenses £520.80

Sub Total



AGM Refreshments £15.00

Stationery £3.46

Postage £25.31

Photocopying £3.45

Web Site Registration £-

Charitable Donations £-

Bank Charges £-

Sub Total


Total Expenditure




Bank Deposits @ 31 July


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